Monday, January 24, 2011

Vanilla Round Two

I found myself in Santa Monica again Friday, picking up cupcakes to do my best friend a favor.

Since I happened to be at Vanilla yet again, I couldn't resist picking up another batch of their cupcakes.

This time, we had the Chocolate Raspberry, Pumpkin, and Passion Fruit Blackberry.

Chocolate Raspberry
One of Vanilla's stuffed cupcakes, and
easily one of my favorites of what I've
had.  The cake is standard; the frosting 
nice and dark, balanced by the fresh
raspberry and the delicious preserve
on the inside.

Like pumpkin cake, with cream cheese frosting.
The frosting is rich and almost overpowered
the cupcake, but maybe I just ate it wrong.

Passion Fruit Blackberry
Full disclosure: lilikoi is one of my favorite 
things.  This is a winner.  Simple vanilla
cake is accented by the berry frosting,
tartness of the blackberry, and 
the intense flavor of the passion fruit.
Probably my favorite of what I've had.

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  1. "I believe in seeing the world, making new friends and the wonder of a delicious cupcake." Molly McGonigle