Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Griddle

If you're hungry (and I mean REALLY hungry), The Griddle is the place for you.

The menu is large enough to have its own blog, ranging from breakfast staples such as pancakes or omelets to twists on lunch favorites, like shrimp BLTs and Cobb burgers.

Portions are insane and menacing, each pancake at least a foot in diameter (ask for just one - only $1 or $2 less, but you won't get a visual food coma).
 "Mounds of Pleasure"

"Banana Nana"

 "Gone Shrimping"
Scrambled egg whites, pesto, scallion, tomato, 
avocado, shrimp, capers.
Light and refreshing, just salty enough.
Make sure to add avocado.

"Mounds of Pleasure"
Shredded coconut and semisweet chocolate
buried under airy pancake and sinful whipped
cream.  Almost too rich, but dangerously
delicious and addicting.  Take-out box

"Banana Nana"
Banana mashed and mixed with the base
pancake dough.  Much lighter, but the
cake seemed just a bit too dry - 
perhaps offset by the butter on top.

3 people vs. Mounds of Pleasure
Mounds 1 - Elle, Jen, and Mike 0.

We fared much better against both 
Gone Shrimping
and Banana Nana.


Hectic, crowded, and lively are the first three words that describe The Griddle.  The interior remained packed the entire time, with very little room to maneuver between tables.  Wait time was about 30-40 minutes, spent outside "to the left of the tree or right of the pole."  Park behind the restaurant.

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